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Welcome to Women Leaders in family Enterprise

Welcome to Women Leaders in Family Enterprise (WLife), a non-profit 501(c)(3) community where women in family business learn, grow, connect, and build legacies they are proud of.

WLife works with partners such as family business centers connected to universities and colleges or other family business organizations, to bring the latest information and best resources to help women become powerful and innovative leaders in family-owned businesses. When you join our

free community you’re connecting with other women who are taking charge of their careers and redefining what success looks like.

Each month you’ll receive a newsletter highlighting current events, resources, opportunities, and conversations that will help you realize aspirations and goals while building, growing, and sustaining your family enterprise.

Join our community to be inspired, empowered, and connected through the WLife network.


Define success in your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live.
Anne Sweeney

Who is WLife for?

WLife was created by women in family-owned businesses for women in family-owned businesses. Whether you’re working in the business, a member of the board, an owner, or are considering joining your family business, WLife brings a unique opportunity for all family business professionals to participate in empowering opportunities that are uniquely designed to help women in family businesses thrive.

Business women.

Grow Your Skills And Knowlegde

Learn the latest in family business, day-to-day operations, strategic planning and leadership through our partnering organization events.

Recognize Your Value

You are a critical part of the family business team.

Discover Collaborative Relationships

Build relationships and find support when you join our community.

Inspire Yourself and Others

Creativity, innovation, and leadership thrive in WLIFE members. By joining WLife you have the opportunity to connect and network with others in your local community.

Join the community

active participant

I am an active participant in a family enterprise as a shareholder, beneficiary, employee, or person involved in family governance.

any stage

I can be at any stage of my career. WLife offers an engaging community that will support my learning and growth path.

supports women

I am a person who supports women in family businesses. As an all-inclusive organization, we are open to women, men, and gender-diverse persons.

Representation Matters

The WLife Community is


Are you ready to discover your full potential?

You deserve to be part of a community that will build your best unstoppable you. Our monthly communications include tailored resources and tools and impactful conversations designed to disrupt the status quo and address the unique situations faced by women in family-owned businesses.

WLife welcomes you into our free community that will help you achieve your personal goals and build, grow, or sustain your family business.

Are you ready to have experiences, find motivation and support, and connect with other women in family-owned businesses?

Events and programs to help you level up

Opportunities for Women in Family Business

The WLife difference

Create a Legacy with Your Story

The one thing that sets you apart is your personal story. In a family enterprise, it’s what creates a lasting legacy.

Hear what one WLife member has to say about WLife and realizing her potential as a woman in family business.

Blog and Resources

Stay in the Know

Going, Going, But Not Yet Gone

Gender bias still exists within the leadership of many local family businesses, but its hold slips as new generations take over.

Hawaii Business Magazine

The Family’s Glass Ceiling

Women continue to face more obstacles than men when they aspire to lead their families’ businesses

Hawaii Business Magazine

Giving Voice to a Shared Struggle

BCR Hawaii conducted hundreds of hours of interviews with women in leadership positions to better understand the specific challenges they overcome on their journey to family business success.

Women In Family Business

We’re on a Mission to Empower Women in Family Business

By women in family enterprises, for women in family enterprises, WLife lifts up women in family businesses.

When we lift up women


When you become part of the enlightened and inspired WLife community you are part of real change.


WLife positively impacts all family members and enables the family business to thrive in every way; free from negative biases, practices, and other barriers that get in the way.


WLife is leading the way to provide support for women in family enterprises in leadership and professional development, mentorships, networking, and economic opportunities.


We are an organization without boundaries that embraces all who are connected to a family business. WLIFE operates on a national scale with a local focus via its state-based partnerships with family business centers and organizations.
Don’t just stand for the success of other women; insist on it.
Gail Blanke

Join Our WLIFE Community

We are a virtual community where you can also connect with other women in family business via programs and events that we offer in collaboration with our partner organizations – family business centers that are connected that operate within university settings.